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Guangzhou Dong Zhuo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales as one of the company.
Business philosophy is: to win the market innovation, quality for the trust.
At present, the main research and development and operation of solar energy and power storage products, and access to a number of technology and appearance of the patent!
Operating products are mainly solar lights, small solar lighting systems, rechargeable lights, rechargeable lighting systems, camping lights, solar storage can be charged and DC lamps and so on.
Product use: camping activities, beach tents, mountaineering adventure, home power outage, nocturnal lighting, night fishing, student night reading, farm mobile lighting, night market lighting
Scope of application:
1, for the use of outdoor work required for mobile light sources;
2, power shortage area emergency lighting use;
3, as the family's reserve emergency lights use;
4, travel, adventure, camping and other outdoor lighting use;
5, night market, floor lamp operating with lighting.
1, the product uses a new environmentally friendly lithium battery, durable, is the lead-acid battery 6-8 times the service life
2, combined with high lumen LED lights, environmental protection and energy saving, high brightness, lighting up to 50,000 hours
3, the product is easy to carry light, simple and stylish appearance.

Guangzhou Dongzhuo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd