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Job Title:  Sales Manager  
Workplace:  Gunagzhou
Salary:  Negotiable Release date:  2016-2-2
End Date:
Specific requirements: Job Responsibilities:
1, to complete the sales department issued by the annual / monthly gross margin target;
2, feedback market information;
3, the development of new customers;
4, the collection of accounts receivable;
5, the maintenance of customer relations;
6, and the operation department to maintain close communication, common to provide quality services to customers;
7, to maintain a good team to help.
1, college education, marketing, logistics related professional;
2, more than 2 years sales experience, freight forwarding industry more than 1 year work experience;
3, have good communication skills, a sense of responsibility, with customer service awareness;
4, cheerful, strong language skills, can withstand the pressure;
5, customer resources are preferred;

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