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Lighting for aesthetic appeal

       --2017-07-01 01:34:10

Open truss ceiling

LED strip


LED strip IP68


Effect lighting was established and agreed upon prior to the tender stage, along with all the other elements, from tiling layouts, sanitary fittings, green systems to ironmongery. This ensured that the external lighting design received proper thought and that all points were installed before the walls were plastered.

"By far the most striking external lighting elements are the effect lights on the gable ends, below the floating concrete fireplace and the indirect lighting of the open truss ceiling in the living areas,” said Muller.

Initially, the plan was to light the structures with spotlights. This was not ideal, so Aurora’s 12V DC Single Colour Flex Horizontal LED, and 12V DC LED IP68 Single Colour Flexible LED Strip Light were used.

The strip lights were installed in concealed positions to avoid blinding.

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