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OUR price: $188 market price: $228

Range for Usage:

The lamp head is composed of exquisite hanging hook and waterproof cover (which is with magnet inside, absorb and fix stably on flat iron board)

This multi-functional lamp can be widely used as below conditions as:

.Outdoor adventure light, camping light

.Outdoor working light, night market light

.Power-stop emergency light

. Rush repair light, emergency maintenance light

Technical Parameter:

1.       input voltage: 5V

2.       input electric current:1000 mA

3.       USB output voltage:5V

4.       USB output electric current:1300 mA

5.       Lighting output voltage:3.1V

6.       Lighting output electric current:480-2580 mA

7.       Lithium battery capacity:6000 mA /3.7v

8.       Lighting power: 1.5-8W

9.       LED color tempreture:6000-6700K

10.   LED display color index: 70

11.   LED model:2835

12.   LED quantity:37 pieces

13.   LED base socket: aluminum basic board

14.   Switch and mode of adjusting brightness: non-touching and complete separation

15.   Trigger mode: Magnet control

16.   Fixed mode: magnet sticking and hanging hook

17.   Lighting mode: Portable, movable or fixable.

18.   Materials: ABS  (crash proof)

19.    Last lighting: 6 hours 8W / 12 hours  3.5W / 48 hours  1.5W . 

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