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S-1520 5-15hrs wholesale price
OUR price: $USD6.3 market price: $USD6.3
  • Two ways in Charging: this solar led desk lamp can be charged with solar photovoltaic panel or 5V mobile charger. Without any flicker lighting from the LED beads of the lamp during use.
  • Easy to carry and use. Such as Reading in bed, bedside lighting, easy use for children, and outdoor camping lighting.
  • This solar desk lamp can fully provide sufficient brightness for customers, and meet the requirement for caring eyes.
  • Grand capacity of lithium: 2000AmH Lithium battery which can last 5 hours in high bright level,30 hours in low bright level

  • Three levels of touch control adjustment for brightness. High and middle brightness for Reading, Low brightness for simple activities at night.
  • KK.BOL Solar LED Desk Lamp Eye-caring 3 Brightness Levels
    Touch-sensitive Portable Table Lamp for Home Lighting Reading Camping
    and Other Indoor and Outdoor Activities
    Product name: LED Solar Charging Desk Lamp
    Switch Mode: 3 levels touch control adjusting brightness
    Battery Capacity: 2000 mA 
    Maximum Power: 6W
    LED Bead Model: 2835 
    Brightness: 690 LM
    LED light board: aluminum basic board
    Color Temperature: 6000-65000(white light),2800-3000(yellow light)
    Color display index: 70
    Input Voltage: 5V
    Materials: ABS 
    Gross weight: 200g
    Light source: 0.2W/3.1v ,2835 LED 30 pieces, total 6W
    Brightness equals to 690LM(30 piecesx23LM)
    Charging option: charge with any 5V mobile charger, or other 5V DC power source.
    The indicator light built-in the bottom of the lamp, turn red while charging, turn green while complete charging. 
    Touch control circle at the surface of the bottom base ,there are three levels of brightness,
    high, middle, low . One touch triggers one bright level, and the fourth touch turn off the lamp.
    This solar LED desk lamp can be 360 degrees screwed, freely bended and foldable,
    convenient for angle adjustment, storage and carry.
    Solar Panel: 2W , Outputs:5V,1A , Size: 135*145mm,Type:Emergency/portable. cable length: 3.5 meters

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